Enabling Analytics,

Strengthening Privacy.

Deploy your solutions without comprising you IP and infringing on data privacy.

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What if you could offer proprietary machine learning as a service?

While remaining oblivious to the data you are processing.

For SaaS Providers

Provide pay-as-you-go services without sharing your propriety models / analytics with your clients or having any third party see the analytics or your algorithms.

For Data Owners

Leverage third party analytics without sharing your plain-text user data or having any third party seeing your data being queried .


All while...

Eliminating trade-off between data usability and data privacy plus interface icon

No need to mask or drop any features in order to preserve the privacy of data. Our solution allows models to provide inference on encrypted data. Plain-text private data is kept safe and sound, never leaving your organizations firewalls

Our solutions are built on well understood secure multi-party computation, which meets and exceeds the the requirements of cross-boarder data transfer outlined by GDPR.

Through privacy-by-design and quantum-safe cryptography, we provide a solution which let's you sleep at night knowing your private data is protected. Now and into the future!

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We'd love to hear from you!

Whether you want to kick off a proof-of-concept, work on a personal project or you're just interested and want to find out more, please drop us a line!

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